About the project CACAN - Central Asian Culture and Arts Network

The project www.cacan.info is aimed to create a positive social environment for cooperation among Central Asian cultural and art workers. Establishing contacts among specialists in the scientific, research and performing spheres of Central Asia will provide the basis for cooperation and co-creation in the region; will develop mutual tolerance, and to wider understanding of culture and art; and also make available an opportunity to announce information about festivals, seminars, etc., promoting international cooperation, and the participation of regional teams in international projects.


We are working on the creation of a unique database (platform), which contains information about teams, performers and art-managers; also there will be essential conditions for communication specialists, which can provide an exchange of experience and creative cooperation.

The web page is a platform, which contains following:

- Database (contacts, spheres of activity, publications, research works, products, etc.) about specialists and organizations of culture and art in the region;

- Information about significant cultural events in Central Asia;

- Information about cultural projects and initiatives;

- Links to official websites of cultural organizations in Central Asia;

- Information about collaboration, fundraising, etc.;

- Significant information about grants and competitions in this field;

The web page has two language options - English and Russian. However, you can fill in the application form in the languages ​​of Central Asian countries, which will make possible to participating without language barriers in the network of cooperation.

This project is realized in cooperation with the Swiss Cooperation Office and the Goethe Institute in Tashkent, with the support of the UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan.