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  • 00:00 15 Ноябрь 2019

  • 00:00 11 Ноябрь 2019

  • 21:28 02 Октябрь 2019

    6th IMC World Forum on Music

    6th IMC World Forum on Music was held from 28th September to 1st October in Paris France. The International Music Council (IMC), founded in 1949 by UNESCO, is the world’s largest network of organizations and institutions worki...

  • 16:55 01 Июль 2019

  • 13:15 28 Февраль 2019

    Epos "Kuntugmish" was performed in Nasaf (Karshi).

    A number of good and productive works were done by non-governmental and private organizations and enterprises within the framework of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Holding Bakhshi international art festival”...

  • 12:58 28 Февраль 2019

  • 23:11 25 Ноябрь 2018

  • 12:32 22 Август 2018

  • 12:19 22 Август 2018

    OXUS Ensemble - the Ambassadors of Uzbek culture

    The Oxus Ensemble (Amudarya) is on tour on European stages nowadays. The ensemble has been participating in a number of international festivals in Europe: Estonia, Finland, Poland and Switzerland with about 40 concerts during this tour (in July and A...

  • 15:19 14 Февраль 2018

  • 17:17 03 Февраль 2018

    "Shashmaqom" Festival

    The Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan and the "OXUS Culture" organization invites you to the following musical project. This is a collaborative project of "OXUS Culture" LLC and the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan dedic...

  • 11:51 31 Январь 2018

    Epic song music evenings

    The Art Gallery of Uzbekistan and "OXUS Culture" presented the following evenings for the fans of the intangible cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. Representatives of Khorezm and Sherabad epos singing schools: the Honored Artist of Uzbekis...

  • 11:34 31 Январь 2018

  • 20:52 26 Декабрь 2017

    Training "Project practice in the management of cultural and recreation Centers of the population”...

    Three-day training on "Project practice in the management of cultural and recreation Centers of the population” was organized with the initiative of DVV International organization.  Participants were introduced with moder...

  • 16:51 26 Декабрь 2017